Thursday, November 26, 2009

Its Morphin' Time

I'm rereading Animorphs right now, and its actually a little better than I remember it.

The characters touched on surprisingly serious and grim topics, considering the demograph.

Tobia's narrative of hunting rabbits comes to mind.

I tried reading the first book of Harry Potter when it came out, but honestly it was a little asinine.

When did authors start thinking that kids were stupid? Children these days are severely underestimated.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Pandas Wait 'Til Marriage

Pandas are fat, dirty things.

I tried out some vector art a while back after working on a hoodie design for the dorm I lived in while studying abroad in Sydney.

Hopefully these will be silkscreened on shirts in the future!

I wonder if its better to have it only black and white? And without the text as well?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The School Fishrag

So I've been making comics for the Michigan Daily for about 4 weeks now. They started off as culturally/socially relevant and now they are going down, as the French call it, "le fucking drain".

I'd like to think that I'm somewhat better than most of the other 'cartoonists' on staff, but Christ I'm not a combination of lazy and indifferent about things that are relevant to college kids.

I'm actually having fun with these though. They're challenging to make *somewhat* relevant (since that is the main criteria for the Daily), and it gets me off my lazy art ass. What I've made so far is visually and humorously garbage, but maybe repetition can fix that over time.

I joined it just to get published more for cartoonist scholarship opportunities (seeing as how I am a terrible engineer and will never be eligible for any scholarships ever), but I'm actually enjoying it now.

Go figure.

I will find and devour all the Fabergé eggs.

But until then...

If I owned a crown, I would wear it everyday. I'm not talking about some shit paper crown you get from Burger King or some plastic costume prop; I'm talking about a crown FIT FOR A KING.

I should just make my own, with L.E.D.s and strobelights and everything.

How do you feel about that Fluid Mechanics course, Mr. Dog?

Yeah, me too.

Seven X's

I feel like college is making me a terrible artist.