Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Paint Chat [26 grams of fat]

Here's some paintchat by some of my more talented friends and myself.

Intellectual conversations ensued.

I think one of the harder parts about living in Ann Arbor is the fact that race is not a loose subject, and that no one has a sense of humor about the subject of race in general here.

All the "that's racist" jive I've gotten since I've been in Ann Arbor seems to be primarily from people who only look into the words you choose and not the context. Sort of like the type of person who would denounce 'To Kill A Mockingbird' for being racist because they slipped in the word 'nigger' into dialogue.

Oh well, I'll do what I please and take no sass.

Monday, October 26, 2009


[Protip: Click on images to make them bigger!]

Yo, startin' the artblog.

Gon' be filled with arts.

All kinds.

Finizzed. Unfinizzed. Sketchies and quickies and longies and shorties. Comix and not-comix.

+my life (just a lil bit).

Ix gon' be cool.

Gon' be some tits n' dix, maybe. So be careful.

Gonna hafta spruce this place up a bit but deal with it till I do kk?

Hurr some stuff from my Australia romp, it was smooth. Sum of it got stolen from an artshow, but I thought that was kind of flattering. In a pissed off sort of way y'know?